Maverick Creative 

Maverick owner Jason Muir has been involved in some interesting creative projects over his career. Initially in industry specific events and fashion events/projects then evolving to theatre, street theatre & public art as a means to convey his trade in a unique context. By taking his craft away from the normal ‘theatres’ of practice and in particular presenting it at a street level, Jason has developed an understanding of offering his work in a public sphere.

Jasons latest work has centred around the concept of pop up conversation salons. The idea is to create a space where the public can have a haircut in exchange for a topical conversation. This is presented in a theatrical fashion with set dressing & co-hosting characters to enhance the experience.

Heres a look at some that work:

Creative hairdressing – these images  have been produced variously over time during Jasons career


Cirque de Salon – Circus themed street theatre featuring creative hair & make up where the audience are turned into walking exhibitions of living art! Performed over a few years at various events & festivals.

Cirque de Salon – the most fun a hair & makeup team can have!

Political Cuts – held in September 2014 in the lead up to the general election, a salon in the truest sense where the public can interact with hosts in various ways, was created in an unused retail store. A cafe/lounge/hair salon that encourages open political discussions & the chance to be elected for a free haircut! Have a look here…

Loads of politicals…
Political haircuts…
Citizens into politics…

Grand Opening – Produced & directed by the incomprable Barbarian Productions, Grand Opening was held over the weekend of the first Cuba Dupa Festival 2015. A production that became an unexpected tour of the backstage of the Wellington Opera house with the audience ending up on the stage as the show! We were ‘performing’ as the hair, makeup & costume room that was fair to say utter chaos & loads of fun as you can see…


All Good? Conversations with the hairdresser – a variation of the political cuts salon that was featured within TEZA, a public art project based in Porirua in 2015. As one of 17 works/installations housed in an unused nightclub, the salon conversation was around community & social well being. The people of Porirua loved the chance for a free haircut & were fantastically sharing as to there thoughts of their city.

Rates Cuts – During the last council elections of 2016 we held a meet-the-candidates evening, like no other, at Vogelmorn Bowling Club staged as a salon experience. The Mayoral, Southern Ward & Regional Council candidates were invited to attend our ‘salon’ for a theatrical take on a public meeting. A fun & informative concept that went down well with audience & candidates alike…



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