Kia ora, Maverick Barber is about to go through some changes…

Our main man, the very talented Tua, is off to pursue his tattooing dream! And who can blame him when he’s producing work like below…



He may still cut a few fades between time while he is building his tattooing business and we understand some of you will be desperate to keep your favourite barber!

Maverick is therefore looking for a fulltime barber to take the blessed chair, however in the meantime it is still possible to get barbershop cutz at Maverick by booking with head honcho Jason, yes the one with the silver coloured HAIRCUT OF THE GODS..!



Yes he is trying to steal Tuas face & as you can see he takes himself very seriously… LOL.

As of Tuesday March 27th you can book with Jason – a very experienced haircutter, colourist & stylist, who will be more than capable of looking after your barbering needs while we sort out a barbershop main man! Best to book yourself in through the online channel that is linked through our site here, otherwise feel free to contact him directly on 0225031016.

Cheers everyone!



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