Shaving: The Sharpest Edge… 

shaving infographic_3

I mentioned in my previous post about shaving that I sometimes use a DE safety razor. Some of you may wonder what that is; the DE is for double edge meaning both sides of the razor can be used & safety razor means there is a fine guard protecting the blade so we don’t slice ourselves to bits! Shaving with a DE can be quite a different experience, requires a bit of technique and for your own safety its best not to be in a rush. To make the experience even more enjoyable I recommend using a shaving brush to apply a nice shaving cream or soap. This will allow for the bristles to be softened and raised to make it easier for the blade to remove, as well as the cream/soap to provide an lubricant for the blade to pass over the skin smoother… (watch the video at the end of the blog)


These razors have names! “1912”, Micromatic, Flair Tip Super Speed(!), Slim, Fatboy, Krona and Injector. Sounding like super heroes, each of these models are known to give great shaves!


First thing is these razors are made of heavy metal & have a weight to them that multi blades don’t have with the idea being to let the blade do the work. These razors price from approx $90 and up for a decent one, but with a bit of care can last a lifetime. They are beautifully designed, to hold & use, making them great gift for any bloke. Probably the most known brand is Merkur which are fairly easy to get hold of & of course we always have few in stock ourselves!


Next is the blade that goes in them & that can be an entire obsession in its own right. They are cheap to purchase, usually a pack of 5 will cost not much more than $5 and although each blade is different you can usually get approx 5 shaves out of each one. This makes shaving way cheaper in the long run than shaving with multi blades as we all know the high cost of replacement cartridges or packs of disposables. Heres a great article that details how Gillette has tried to manipulate the market towards multi blades by purposely selling all their machinery, which has ended up in countries like Russia, Egypt and Pakistan that has unintentionally spurned a new trade in old school razors…


I love trying different blades, they all come in neatly designed little packets with fun logos & colours which is fun in its own right. Made in great steel making countries like Germany, Russia, Japan, Poland etc, its a whole other story how each countries steel industries have evolved and treat their steel. They all have variations of finish & different blade edge shapes.

For anyone starting out I recommend a Derby blade, its fairly smooth with a more rounded edge, sharp but not aggressive. The braver and more experienced can work their way to a Feather blade, made in Japan & arguably the finest/sharpest blade about. everybody is different so try different blades and find what suits you best. Heres a chart that shows how different blades have different shaped cutting edges…


Have a watch of this video as to how these blades are made… Fascinating!

Get a razor, give it a go and shave like a real man.

* Thanks to ‘The Art of Manliness’ for this awesome last video *

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