Time for some music… 

I imagine that everyone has some music that they just love, it seems its an innate human condition. Its such an awesome feeling when you find a new piece of music you really connect with, or even hearing a favourite for the first time in a while. Of course some of our tastes change over time (we all have those moments of ‘what was I thinking..!) but still we love hearing our favs. My own music journey has been long & varied, though I seem to have always had a love of Kiwi music. First it was the ‘Dunedin” sound of the 80’s, bands like The Chills, The Bats, Jean Paul Satre Experience & fav Straightjacket Fits. Then the massive metallers Shihad & particularly Head like a Hole! I remember then getting my ears on a tape(wtf!) called ‘Freak the Sheep’ that included some early Kiwi electronic music and there started my love.

I’ve never been the biggest digger/collector going about but have always kept an ear out & bought tons of Kiwi electronic based sounds. Hip hop, techno, dub, d’n’b, weird blips, blended analogue mixes, remixes on & on… The reason I’m writing this particular piece has been prompted by two recent releases of what I think are not only fantastic and beautiful examples I’d now term Pacifica Soul music, but both tracks show me how far the makers of these genres have come as I think both are very sophisticated bits of music and continue the journey that these sounds have been on for the last few decades.

One of my local heros over this time & has certainly helped shape my (undoubtably thousands of others too) tastes is the colossus that is DJ Mu, firstly as a young DJ himself who always had an ear and collection like no one else going round. Often the blackest beats in town, always at the cutting edge of his chosen sound & definitely very f#$king cool. As he branched out & started experimenting with making his own beats, as we all know it eventually lead to one of our greatest bands Fat Freddys Drop. The first track I’m sharing here is the new Louis Baker track ‘Gave it all away’ electronic mix done by DJ Mu. Louis Baker is currently the owner of one of the silkiest and most soulful voices about, accumulating quite an amazing collection of tunes with any one of the best producers around at the mo. This track however stands out for me… the tune, beats, sounds & soul are simply top class. Listen up…

The next track is a brand new tune by Ria Hall, another off a conveyor belt full of gorgeous Pacific soul sisters. This track is ultimately produced by another of NZ’s absolute legends, Tike Taane. Like DJ Mu he has been about for quite sometime now and has been performing or producing some of our most legendary electronic music. He has an ear that is reportedly possesed by super powers(!) & has used it to great effect for not only his early work with Salmonella Dub as well as his well known solo tracks, but also the ears of Shapeshifter ( a bit on them soon). The big surprise in this track is Che Fu (where have you been brother!), another who fits the mould of Mu & Tiki, he sounds totally awesome on this song and has such a gorgeous voice that is so good to hear again. The musos on this include 2 of my current favs; Mara TK of Electric Wire Hustle & former Hustler  now solo prodigious producer Myele Manzanza (more on all of them another time!). Meanwhile enjoy this beautiful example of Pacific Soul… NOW!

Wicked aye!!! No more to say right now, just want to share one last track. I consider it my all time favourite Kiwi electronic track, cheers Shapeshifter…

3 thoughts on “Time for some music… 

  1. Monarch is a top tune, but better than Electric Dream? I think not, my Wellington brother. Hey, just realised you’re 2 doors down from my Dad’s company, have told him to start sending some business your way.

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  2. Chur bro, good to see you’re kicking goals back home. Look forward to seeing you soon. I told my Dad what our payment scheme was, not sure he’s down with that, but he’ll be in, no doubt.

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