Not barbering…

Barbers (& hairdressers!) are purveyors of great conversation and this of course should be reflected in a barbers blog. No matter the topic, we are experts… Haha! This blog  will explore some of the topics that are relevant over time; sport, politics, religion(!maybe!), music, film/tv, health, women(!), beer, food, life & death..!

But lets start with sport, not too controversial & always a fun chat/debate. There is always so much to follow & so many amazing athletes across all sport to marvel at. I follow football & rugby mainly with a bit of league (The Warriors!). I have found my self drawn to watching big wave surfing, extreme mountain biking & the associated ‘Red Bull’ sports, along with the recently discovered love of competitive climbing (particularly bouldering!). All of this is available to us through so many different platforms these days & is helping to fuel the rise of more fringe sports into the mainstream. For example this is leading to changes at the Olympics in terms of competing sports with mountain biking/bmx included & rock climbing/surfing at the next games, who would have thought that a decade ago! I have to shout out to Red Bull for their continued support of the extreme sports they sponsor, amazing stuff! Things to look out for are the racing planes & their Crushed Ice series, along with a miriad of extreme activities like base jumping/flying suit, cliff jumping, water skating, snow mobile racing etc etc..! Well worth looking up at some stage if you haven’t already.

Questions for this year… Premier league top 4? Champions league winners? Phoenix end up where? Super Rugby champs will be? AB’s over the Lions? England unbeaten for how long? NBA winners? Americas Cup? Cricket? The Warriors..!?! Just to ask a few… Heres a few videos of some favourite moments to look over, enjoy.

This is every angle possible of my favourite goal ever, Robin van Persie against Spain in the 2014 World Cup.

Hilights of that last Rugby World Cup final win by the AB’s, especially love that commentary of Barrets last try!

My favourite Red Bull video from last year. Its the winning run from the most insane mountain bike race I’ve ever seen, the Red Bull Rampage… unreal!

So go visit your barber & sound them out, they’re bound to have an expert opinion on everything! & Get a haircut while you’re there… BE HANDSOME

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