The Beard



Without doubt the biggest grooming trend for men over the last 10 years has been the arrival of the hipster beard. Like some fashions it looks set to become a ‘classic’, as this is a comfortable look for a lot of guys. Part of pulling off a personal style statement is a natural ease of body language by the wearer & the great thing is that guys look so comfortable wearing their beards!

We start growing our facial hair as we start adolescence, when some start growing that fine, fluffy down… then a few go through a seemingly overnight transformation to stuble! They become the envy of the fresher faced boys who have to sometimes wait literally a lifetime to catch up!

And then theres always one… the one at our college was known as ‘pube’ hahaha! As things become more solid round the chops we all like to experiment with different arrangements; mo’s, goattees, side burns, lamb chops etc. But nothing has made the impact that the current beard trend has and guys are really embracing it by looking after them well. Unlike the 70’s versions that were left wild & unruly, our current breed of beardo’s are up to visiting their barber every couple of weeks to have them trimmed & shaped. This is another reason that these beards look so good & the wearers wear them so well… cause they’re shaped to compliment their faces. This has partly been responsible for the revival of barbers over hairdressers, along with the fade & pomp trends, so us barbers are thankful for these trends to bring us back to the top table for guys styling.


Remember if you have a beard or are going to grow one don’t be afraid to clean/shampoo it, use a beard oil or balm to soothe & moisturise your skin underneath and soften your whiskers. But most importantly… VISIT YOUR BARBER TO GET IT TRIMMED!

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